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Career Change

More often than not change is difficult to navigate, we naturally resist it and tend to have a series of threat responses when life changes happen (whether we have chosen them or not). It can be easy to get overwhelmed, lose focus and sometimes we get stuck. But ultimately, most of us want to grow, stretch ourselves and rise to the challenges that we face.


I work with my clients to explore the different triggers being experienced in the face of change, how to develop greater self-awareness and find ways to work through change in a sustainable way. In practical terms, this could be working with a parent returning to work, someone whose life circumstances have changed or someone who is adapting to a change in their role/business.




I am passionate about helping people to find a sense of wellbeing and equilibrium. It can be easy to get overwhelmed and not prioritise this when we are driven and ambitious about our work (and lives in general). There are also many internal and external factors that can knock us off balance in our modern and demanding lives. There isn’t ‘a one size fits all’ solution to wellbeing, it’s very unique to us as individuals. However, I think presence and self-awareness are the key to understanding what enables us to be at our best. Setting boundaries, finding ways to recharge, and understanding what gives (and takes) our energy are all key to wellbeing.


I believe in the benefits of nutrition, getting outside, connecting with nature and mindfulness. I use these principles to help my clients to tune into their personal wellbeing, managing their state, working on being present, finding flow and energy in their work.

Goal Setting


I work with my clients to set meaningful goals starting with their purpose and then building a detailed picture of their ultimate vision for success. We do this by exploring the ‘what, why, when, and how’ of their goal. Then breaking the goal into smaller steps that allow them to plan how to complete each action towards achieving the overall goal. This makes working towards pursuing our goals less overwhelming, building confidence in the way we are spending our time and energy. As we begin to make progress and achieve our goals, we develop momentum and self-belief. This can unlock about ability to achieve things beyond what we once thought was possible.

I also work with businesses on defining their vision, mission, and business plans and how they can drive these forward making them as vivid, engaging and motivating as possible.

Fullfilling Your Potential


Exploring our potential, passions and purpose are all aligned with our values which are at the heart of our identity. I work with my clients to bring a greater sense of integration and clarity, starting with their purpose and then articulating their values.

I do this by working to build a relationship with every client to explore their unique untapped passions, ambitions, and potential. Working together to build a step by step action plan to get clarity, paint a vivid picture of their vision for success, explore their current reality and obstacles. This helps us to set goals that are in alignment to their vision, staying true to themselves and ultimately flourishing in the process.

Personal Transition


I work with my clients to explore their ambitions, map their desired journey of personal development and build strategies to support their development goals. We define some key personal development areas and have skills focused sessions on how these can be developed through relationship building, self-awareness and stepping outside of their comfort zone. We regularly track our progress against these personal development goals, exploring challenges, celebrating wins, and establishing the next steps that can be taken to get that promotion, pay rise or new opportunity.

Presentation Skills


The ability to communicate well is an essential part of our existence. Our increasingly noisy, multimedia virtual worlds can sometimes make communication feel overwhelming and daunting. If we’re not careful there can be plenty of room for things getting ‘lost in translation’. In over 20 years of working in this area, I have learnt the power of being a good communicator, storytelling, daring to show vulnerability and how these things can elevate us to success. I work with my clients on how to develop their brand, find their voice, build meaningful connections, develop their presence and how to be confident and authentic.

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